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ANIMALS of the Forests

Forests provide habitats, or living environments, for many animals. Some of these environments are tropical rain forests, temperate rain forests, and deciduous forests.

Tropical rain forests are hot and wet. They are hot because they are near the equator. They are wet because it rains a lot there--more than 250 centimeters (100 inches) per year. Tropical rain forests have tall evergreen trees covered with thick leafy growths made up of vines and moss. Throughout all levels of the tropical rain forest, there are also thousands of kinds of insects.

The tallest trees are know as emergents because they emerge, or come out, from above the tops of the tall tree. Eagles make their nests here and fly down to catch birds or small monkeys from lower treetops.

The canopy, or roof, of the forest is made up of the tops of the tall trees. Fruits, nuts, seeds, and leaves are available here. These things are food for many animals, including bats, parrots, and sloths. Some animals drink water from plants shaped like bowls.

Below the canopy is the understory, made up of bushes and the lower parts of trees. Here monkeys with long arms swing from tree to tree. Flying squirrels and frogs jump between tree limbs. Snakes, birds, and jaguars also live here.
(キャノピーの下には、低木と木の下部で構成されるアンダーストーリがある。ここでは、長い腕がある猿が木から木へ飛び移ります。 ムササビとカエルは木の大枝の間をジャンプする。 また、蛇、鳥、およびジャガーもここに生息している。)

The lowest part of the rain forest is the floor. It is dark and covered with dead plants. Rodents, such as mice, hide here. Bigger animals, such as the tapir, which looks a little like a wilde pig, use their snouts, or noses, to dig for roots.
(多雨林の最も低い部分はフロアーだ。それは、暗く、枯れた植物で覆われている。 ネズミなどの齧歯(げっし)動物はここに隠れます。 野生のブタに少し似ているバクのような、ネズミより大きい動物は、根を掘るために、口先や鼻を使う。)

Like tropical rain forests, temperate rain forests are wet and have tall trees. Temperate rain forests are found are found along the western coasts of North America and South America. They are cooler than the tropical forests, so different kind of plants and animals live there. Some animals, such as owls and opossums, live in the trees. Others--such as deer, bears, frogs, and skunks--live on the forest floor. Unlike tropical rain forests, temperate rain forests have mostly one type of trees.
(熱帯多雨林のように、温帯降雨林も、ジメジメしていて、高い樹を持っています。温帯降雨林は北アメリカと南アメリカの西海岸に沿って分布している。温帯降雨林が熱帯林より涼しいので、熱帯林に生息しているのとは異なった種の動植物がそこに生息している。フクロウやフクロネズミなどのいくつかの動物が木の中に生息している。鹿や、クマや、カエルや、スカンクなどの他の動物は森のフロアーに住んでる。 熱帯多雨林と異なって、温帯降雨林はほとんど一種類の木でできている。)

Another kind of forest is the temperate deciduous forest. Trees here do not grow so tall because less rain falls here than in the rain forest. Certain animals that live in the temperate rain forest can be found here too. Some of these are deer, bears, and frogs. Rain forests have evergreen trees, but the trees in deciduous forests lose their leaves in the fall. The animals here have to survive cold winters. Some, such as bears and snakes, hibernate; they spend the winter in a state much like sleep. Other--such as robins, geese, and monarch butterflies--fly to a warmer place for the winter.

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