Daisuke Matsuzaka Post-Game Quotes

Saturday, June, 16, 2007

Were you surprised that you were taken out of the game? Do you feel that you could have stayed in longer?

After the end the seventh inning, I felt that pitch count was a reasonable number, for me anyways, and when I came back to the bench the coach came up and asked me if I was prepared to go for another inning and I told him I was. Soon after that, the manager then came over and told me Okajima would be going into the game, but as for me, I felt I could have gone a little bit longer into game.

Was facing Bonds a special experience?

I've faced many great batters on the way .. but he certainly emitted a great aura about him. That's rare to see even among those great hitters.

What was your approach vs. Bonds in the 6th?

Well that was definitely the biggest jam that I faced during the game, in a situation where I couldn't avoid having to challenge him. At the same time, I felt that I wanted to challenge him, but overall was just careful not to make any mispitches that he could get solid contact on.

How nice was it to win in a low-scoring game?

This was the first time I was able to hold the opponent to zero runs and at the same time I was able to protect our slim and precious one-run lead, so in that sense, I'm very happy with my performance today.

Do you feel like you are in a rhythm?

When I got into trouble there in the 6th inning I felt that I was able to ... reach inside myself and display a side of myself that I haven't been able to show up to that point and that said to me, hopefully that I'm heading in a new and good direction.

Was it meaningful to pitch in front of your former Seibu Lions coach who was present today?

Ultimately, I was able to show him what I think was my best performance today, so I feel that he'll be able to return to Japan happy.